There is a library of sausage flavours and packaging formats that will meet every occasion and within your specific business.

Ranging from “Traditional Pork “(the nations favourite!) through to a wide range of  more developed flavours, we offer Sausages that can add a zing and twist to your evening meal or BBQ.

All of our Sausages are offered as Thick for that “plump, succulent and indulgent” sausage occasion or Thin for when convenience and speed is required to cook and serve tasty delicious sausages.

Traditional Pork

They can be filled into natural or synthetic skins to meet price points and budgets, still retaining that Famous Cottom’s value and taste!

There is particular pride in the uniformity of our Sausages , using our unique “know how “ and expertise,  customers can depend on us to deliver Sausages that are identical from start to finish – giving everyone the same Famous Cottom’s taste, each and every time.

plump, succulent, indulgent


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